My Response To Todd Nickerson

I finally read that second article by Todd Nickerson that appeared in Salon, stating that him coming out as a pedophile has somehow introduced him to some vile “right-wing hate machine”. I want to tell you that no, it is not the right wing that is objecting to your stance. Instead it is normal people who truly see your desire for what it is, a desire to harm children.

Let’s be honest about what your desire is, Mr. Nickerson. What you are feeling is a desire to rape someone. Children cannot have the capability to consent to any sort of sexual contact because they do not have the maturity to understand adult relationships, including sexual ones. By definition, any sort of sexual contact with a child is contact without consent. There is a sort of word for that type of contact: Rape.

Even though you claim to never have acted on those desires, it is still disturbing at the very least. Just imagine if someone goes to a party with a desire to rape that evening. Even if that person never acts on those desires, people will still view that desire as a problem that absolutely must be addressed. You need to find someone to help you with your problem professionally because violence like this is unacceptable, even if it is not acted upon.

And, yes, the problem with Salon presenting your argument in the manner that it did IS that it normalizes pedophilia. This is not simply a condition. It is a disorder that can bring real harm to children if acted upon and should never just be accepted.

I understand you have freedom of speech and have the right to say whatever it is you have to say. I would like you to be quiet, since emotions have a way of making hypocrites of us all, but you can say whatever. I have the right to speak against you, which I am doing right now, but I have nowhere near the platform you have. What angers me is that you, a pedophile, has a larger voice than me, an actual survivor of sexual abuse when I was a child.

That Salon could not find it within itself somewhere to give that counterpoint, it is disgusting. The survivors of abuse should have a voice but are often silent. Instead of providing a platform that will allow more survivors to come forward, Salon is perpetuating an environment where we are too hidden in the shadows. In this, Salon became part of the problem.

If anything, I am the farthest thing from right wing, but I can’t find myself in the left anymore, either. The left is pushing me further away as it is supporting more positions that I find untenable.